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In my bubble


Being chronically ill, I’m used to spending time stuck at home much more than most. When the pandemic hit, I didn’t expect my daily life to change all that much. However, the constant worry about infection, the increased isolation (in Normal Times, I am used to socializing some, if not a lot), and the appalling death count in my home country took quite a toll on my mental health. My anxiety was at an all-time high.


I have never been one for traditional meditation. A couple of months ago, I was amused to find that a new face wash made large bubbles, and I started figuring out just how big I could make them each time I washed my face. It became a kind of breath-based meditation for me, one that could calm my mind and whose total absurdity was easily documented. Confined in my bathroom studio, I feel safe from the world, protected by my ridiculous bathroom bubbles.

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