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American nightmare/American dream

    There is nothing more American than guns. They are as important to American mythology as baseball and apple pie. As a culture, we have never fully come to terms with how fully embracing guns into our collective psyche has not allowed us to confront the problems they bring: hence the thoughts and prayers the politicians ofer up after shootings instead of solutions to our violent, ongoing, crisis.


    I see this crisis as partially a women’s issue, due to both issues of domestic violence and the misogyny inherent in the core values of so many of the mass shooters we see. I make analog cprints using lace in place of a negative, and then creating collages of lacey, exploding, guns from the prints, as lace is something made traditionally by and for women. This turns the guns decorative and feminizes them, taking away some of their power.


    Before I moved to Berlin in 2015, when I used to travel abroad and people asked me about my home country, their reference points were often television shows, Hollywood movies and Disneyland. I started making these collages after I realized that the one of frst things people ask me about now, when they realize I’m from the U.S., is gun violence. These collages are my way of dealing with our current cultural legacy of violence.

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